During the manufacture of different dairy products, the inevitable problem of utilization of by-products is encountered. Because of their unique and important nutrients available in the by-products, they have to be utilized in a proper manner considering the welfare of the general masses.

Conversion of edible nutrients into non edible substances will not augur well given the rampant malnutrition staring at the face of the impoverished developing countries.

The profitability of the dairying can be greatly improved by economically utilizing the dairy by--products and it can be considered as a prerequisite to profitable dairy business.

With the advancement in technology, the scope is wide open for creating newer channels of utilization of the by-products arising from dairy processing.

How to define a dairy by-product?

A dairy by-product may be defined as a product of commercial value produced during the manufacture of a main product. The newly acquired economic importance of a by-product will make it a main product in the future.

Important by-products available from the dairy industry and their principles of utilization

Main Product
By Product
Processing method

Products Made

1 cream Skim milk Pasteurization Flavoured milk
Sterilization Sterilized flavoured milk
Cultured Buttermilk
Fermentation and Concentration
Concentrated sour skim milk
Plain and Sweetened Condensed skim milk
Drying Dried skim milk or Skim milk powder or Non Fat Dry Milk NFDM)
Coagulation Cottage cheese, Quarg, edible casein
2 Buttermilk
Fermentation and Concentration
Condensed buttermilk
Concentration and drying
Dried buttermilk
Coagulation Soft cheese
3 Cheese,
Casein Channa,
Whey Fermentation Whey beverage, Yeast whey
Plain and sweetened condensed whey, whey protein concentrate, whey paste, lactose
Dried whey
Ricotta cheese
4 Ghee residue
Sweetmeat, Toffee, Sweet paste