Recipe for burfi

Khoa (fresh and hot)

250 g

Crystal sugar

75 g


10 g

How to make Burfi?

The khoa is made into bits and spread in a karahi (wide mouthed utensil). Sugar is added to it and mixed well by working vigorously with a wooden ladle. The mixture is collected into a compact mass when all the sugar has dissolved. This is known as plain burfi. One third of the mixture is separated and chocolate is mixed into it.

A well-greased plate is taken and plain burfi (the remaining two thirds of the mixture) is spread as a thick layer. The chocolate mixed portion is applied as a thin layer over it. It is allowed to cool and set at room temperature. This is called as chocolate burfi. It is cut in to required size and shape to serve.

Try out the recipe for burfi today and have fun!