CHANNA-KHEER (Kheer-Paneer)


Recipe for Channa-Kheer



1 Kg


150 g


40 g

Flavour (optional)

A few drops

Dry Nuts (optional)

A few pieces

Method of Manufacture of channa-kheer

The channa is cut into small cubes. The milk is boiled and concentrated to one-half of its original volume. Sugar is added to it and boiled further till its original volume is reduced to one-third. Then the pieces of channa are added and heating continued gently until the sugar penetrates into channa cubes. Then it is cooled and added with flavour. If desired, it can be decorated with dry nuts. The channa-kheer is now ready to serve.

You too can prepare the channa-kheer or kheer-paneer. It is easy and simple. Follow the recipe and you will definitely end up with a great product!