Recipe for Panneer cutlet


100 g





Bengal gram flour     

50 g

Corn flour      

50 g

Chilly powder

1 tablespoon


½ tablespoon


½ litre

Rusk powder or Bread Crum

50 g

Curry and Coriander leaves

Quantity Sufficient

How to make paneer cutlet?

Smash paneer into small bits. Cut carrot, capsicum, curry and coriander leaves into small pieces. Fry carrot and capsicum for a few minutes in a small quantity of oil and add it to the mixture containing paneer, curry and coriander leaves. Then add bengal gram flour, salt, chilly powder and corn flour and add small quantity of water if necessary to make a dough. The consistency of the mixture should be as for vada. Now prepare small vadas and keep it in a plate. Pour the oil into a frying pan and allow it to be heated to the required point. Take the prepared vadas one by one and dip it in the rusk powder or bread crums and fry it in oil till the colour of the vada appears golden brown.

How to prepare rusk powder?

Place some rusk pieces in a dry mixi jar and make a nice powder.

How to prepare bread crum?

Remove the brown coloured edges of the bread and place it in mixie to pulverize it.