Recipe for Sandesh


250 g


75 g


A few drops

Cardamom (optional)

5 Nos.

How to make Sandesh

Freshly made channa or chhana is made into bits. Sugar, preferably ground, is taken at 30% of weight of channa is mixed with the channa. The mixture is placed in a karahi and heated on a slow fire with continuous gentle stirring. In the end, crushed cardamom may be added if desired. When the mixture is ready, it is poured into a tray and left to cool and set.

Sandesh is now ready. It can be cut into desired size and shape or moulded in to desired shape. A popular colour cum flavour, saffron, may be mixed with the finished product before cutting or moulding.

The recipe to success in preparing the sandesh lies in experience. So, if you do not get a good product in your first attempt, don't loose your patience. Try it again and yes you got it!

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