Recipe for baked panneer


1 litre

Fresh paneer

250 g


8 tbsp


¼ tsp

Cardamom, crushed

5 Nos

Rose essence

1 tsp

Chopped Pistachio and almonds

2 tbsp

The fresh paneer is mixed and kneaded well with sugar and heated over a low flame accompanied with slow stirring for a few minutes. The saffron is soaked in 1 tbsp milk and beaten well till the saffron dissolves in milk.

This mixture is added to the paneer-sugar combine along with the cardamom powder and rose essence and mixed well. The milk is taken in a separate container and concentrated by boiling it under medium flame to half its volume (care has to be exercised while concentrating the milk not to char it) and then the concentrated viscous milk is added to the paneer mixture and mixed thoroughly.

It is heated for a few minutes under low flame to make it as a homogeneous compact mass. This mixture is then transferred to a baking dish and decorated with chopped pistachios and almonds. It is baked hot in an oven for five to seven minutes and served hot. Now you have the ready to serve, delicious, hot and baked paneer.