Recipe to prepare Paneer Coconut Balls

Fresh coconut, grated

2.5 cups

Paneer, freshly prepared

250 gram

Rose essence

Few drops


½ tsp

Powdered cardamom

1 tsp

Pistachios, finely chopped



The freshly prepared panneer is taken and is added with sufficient quantity (6 tbsp) of sugar (preferably powdered to aid in the mixing) and rose essence and thoroughly kneaded. Small balls are prepared from this dough and kept aside till use.

Now, the grated coconut is taken and mixed with sufficient sugar to taste and cooked under low flame for about 15 minutes. The fried coconut-sugar mixture is allowed to cool.

The saffron is dissolved in minimum quantity of milk and is then added to the coconut mixture along with cardamom powder for flavor. The contents are thoroughly mixed.

The coconut mixture is taken in small quantity and spread or flattened over the palm and the prepared paneer ball is placed in the centre and the coconut mixture is covered over the entire surface of the panneer to give the shape like a ball. The ball may be covered with silver foil and decorated with pistachios and served.

It is another dish that can be prepared from the versatile panneer. Try your hand and let us see how the balls molded out of your hand!